Say Goodbye to Imperfections on Your Walls

You've found the right drywall repair company in Lynchburg, VA

Over time, your drywall can crack as your house settles. A drywall contractor in Lynchburg, Virginia can fix the problem quickly. The crew at Ebenezers Landscape will smooth over cracks and patch holes in your walls. We can even replace your whole wall if necessary. And if you'd like, we can paint your wall after the drywall repair.

Just tell us what you need. We're happy to help. Call 434-426-1740 today to get in touch with a drywall contractor at Ebenezers Landscape.

5 reasons to call a drywall contractor in Lynchburg, VA

5 reasons to call a drywall contractor in Lynchburg, VA

If you want expert drywall repair, leave the work to the crew at Ebenezers Landscape. You should call us right away if:

  • You're dealing with water damage.
  • Your drywall is cracking or flaking.
  • You want to smooth out your textured walls.
  • You scratched your walls while moving furniture.
  • You don't have the time or know-how to patch drywall.

You can also contact Ebenezers Landscape before you sell your home, before painting your rooms or as soon as you notice imperfections on your walls. We won't judge-we'll fix your drywall for any reason.

Call 434-426-1740 right away to get a free estimate.

Installation Process

If you're working on a DIY home improvement project, it's best to leave the drywall to the expert at Ebenezer Landscaping. Owner Ervin offers drywall installation Lynchburg, VA. He'll make sure your new drywall is installed correctly.

Drywall sheets are heavy, which can make ceiling installation a struggle. Ervin comes with years of experience. He'll use the proper techniques to install drywall for large rooms and vaulted ceilings. Reach out to Ebenezer Landscaping now to schedule Ervin's services.


To make sure your drywall is repaired correctly, turn to the services Ebenezer Landscaping.
For small repair jobs, we will use a professional patch kit to fix holes wider than six inches. Get in touch with Ebenezer Landscaping right away for drywall that's as good as new.

Texture Change

Drywall texturing can take your walls and ceilings from bland to daring. Ebenezer Landscaping offers textured drywall Lynchburg, VA.

There are two ways Ervin can texture your drywall - manually or with a basic hand tool. Ervin can create swirls, and abstract patterns. Reach out to him right away to discuss your ideas.